Saturday, 30 July 2016

I keep doing this

I think I have quit this blog twice now and here I am again.  I miss a place to post garden related stuff for me to wander back through now and then so here I am doing a bit of a garden catch up for 2016.

A bit of my garden for a moment in January

Don't forget to celebrate Valentine's day by starting to slug pellet your garden on 14 Feb.  I use organic ones which actually do better in the rain that the others and, of course, don't hurt the food chain.

By March the weather had improved a little but we still had a flurry of snow to remind us we weren't quite into Spring.  Some garden photos from March.

and in April....  This was the first winter we had done in the UK in ten years so came as a bit of a shock!

By May there was some hope....  We had a good enough day here and there to start digging out the borders and refreshing them.  The plants had been in for some years and had taken a battering when we had the new fence put up so it seemed the time to start again.  Obviously we left in the 'bones' of the planting - trees and roses and climbers but dug up the perennials and  mostly replaced with new choices.

Cherry - prunus serrulata amanagawa

Crab apple - Liset

Indoors the white Christmas cactus gave me a second grand stand second performance.

In June we could see the change all the hard work had made and plants were recovering well..

Poppy - Papaver Mrs Perry (I think)

Climbing rose - James Gallway

Clematis - Warsaw Nike

I went to a terrific private garden open for the NGS a couple of weeks ago and didn't even take a camera as I thought - I don't do the blog any more so I won't bother!!  Hey ho.

I'll post some more garden photos for July soon and show you the wonderful Wollerton Old Hall Garden.  So stick with me after all if you like looking at plants.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Farewell to the blog

Back in 2010 when I started this blog this is what I wrote:

Every year I am frustrated with the amount of seeds I have to buy, at about £1.99 a packet, to get the dozen or so plants I might want.  Seed will keep (in a cool place) for a year or so but to be honest, when it comes to vegetable seeds, they are better bought fresh each year.  As I am gardening for two, hundreds of the same lettuce seed are not needed.  Multiply this by a couple of dozen different vegetables and I end up with thousands of seeds going to waste.

I am also a belt and braces type person and therefore sow double the number I need in case any any duff transplants need replacing.  For example I sow a dozen runner beans individually in pots for the six I really want. Multiply this by a couple of dozen and a few weeks later I have hundreds of beautiful baby plants going begging.

I need to find people locally who could make use of them.  How to find them?

A blog?  I've come up with the idea of a gardening blog for gardeners who live in and around Bury where we could arrange to swap seeds, plants, ideas, information etc..  

I have gardened for getting on for fifty years and am happy to help people with gardening advice and, hopefully, this blog will become a forum for helping each other.  It is the best kind of help because it is local.  Much of what you find on TV, in magazines, and on-line is very 'Southern' based; up here we are as much as a month behind their timing.  Also locally grown/sourced plants thrive much better and we have a knowledge of what does and doesn't flourish in this area.

I've started a collection of 'useful links' which we can add to.  I also thought people might like to recommend local companies who have proved reliable.  I'm very keen on Summerseat for example as my local garden centre but maybe you prefer somewhere else?  Have you had any landscaping done by a good company?  Do you have anyone doing gardening work for you on a regular basis that you could recommend?.... and so on.

As this blog is in its embryonic stage I'd love you to check it out and send me any suggestions as to how we can make it work.  Who knows, by next Spring, we can have something really useful up and running.

None of this has come to fruition and it really has just gone on as my own record of my gardening.  As such I have decided not to carry on with it.

I am sorry if there is any living soul out there who does follow along and has found some 'help' and will miss it in some way....  but I think that's unlikely.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Farewell to the Lotty

Here is my last haul from the Lotty...

2 bags of potatoes, 3 bags of rhubarb

they were gorgeous

I have decided to quit on the Lotty so Ken and I went over to take our last pickings and tidy the plots for whoever takes them on (or digs them up).  

The raspberries were a joy.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Where did the green fingers go?

I love gardening and I do OK, but I really don't have that magic touch like my mom who could grow an oak from a stone.

I planted a tray of oriental poppy seeds and eventually just chucked the soil on the garden - not one appeared.  Not strictly true a few appeared and had one day in too much sun and fried.

Similarly, the foxglove tray did the same but they have about a half dozen clinging on to life.  I am hoping they will prick out into little pots soon and go in the garden next year - who knows.  So a fiver's (!) worth of seeds and if I manage to get a foxglove from it I'll be lucky.  Mind you I saw foxgloves last year in pots at £6.99 a pop..... so I'd still be in pocket.  Just not the vision of a garden full of oriental poppies and foxgloves that I dreamed of.


I also saved seed from and sowed some hellebores - doesn't look like they've made it either.


This is the best pot as I haven't a clue what I put in here......

the mystery pot

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Flowers in my garden

These were the flowers which were at their best on 29th July.  We had a deluge of Noah proportions the previous day so they may look a little battered.

James Galway is flowering his sicks off right now

All the astilbes are fully out right round the garden

the first achillea 'pretty belinda'

one of my favourites crocosmia Lucifer

day lily - might be 'Bonanza'

last of the orange and yellow red hot pokers

star jasmine - glorious perfume

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Cucumber and Tomato trials

I grew some tomatoes from seed and kept four of the plants - two of which I left in the greenhouse and two went in a pot outside.  I also grew some cucumbers and kept one in the greenhouse and planted one in the tomato pot outside.

here are the results so far:

Tomatoes in the greenhouse: tall, thin, anaemic looking but with flowers and starting to fruit

Tomatoes and cucumber outside:  dark green and leafy, only a few flowers and no fruit.

Cucumber in greenhouse doing OK

It seems the outside tomato bushes do just that - they make large dark green very vigorous and healthy bushes but they are only just starting to flower, so I suspect I won't be getting any ripe fruit off those this year.... again.  Unless you have a really good spot in your garden I think outdoor tomatoes need to be grown much further south than Bury.  I have never had a crop of tomatoes from them and as this is year five (!) that is an end to my outdoor tomato growing.  It is worth your having a go though as I know several people who do OK.  My garden is particularly 'late' with stuff.

I might have a good go at greenhouse ones next year though.

The cucumber needed its own pot to make it a fair comparison with the one in the greenhouse.  Basically it is strong and healthy but miles behind it's sister under cover, who has two cucumbers forming and more to come.

Here is my 'fruit' so far......  not quite a bounty!




Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Adding 'stuff' not plants

We went to an auction to sell stuff on Monday and left with a chimney and a head for the garden!  Think we lost our sense of purpose.

I did have a head something like this but much nicer which we bought in France, but it fell off the fence - the wire rusted at the back - and broke on the slabs below.  We got this one for a fiver so she'll do.  The chimney was £28 just inside my £30 limit so I am happy with that.  They cost more than that on sites like Gumtree and then you have to traipse to the end of the planet to pick them up.  On fancy-schmantzy sites like a reclamation place in the Cotswolds they are around the £150 mark!

I'll show you where they have gone and some of the other bits and bobs I have around.

this has lived in many of my gardens

chimney in place

new chimney echoes the larger one on the other side

she disappears well with a bit of dirt rubbed on her

I have two of these and a third on the way

I managed to buy a pot of plants to go in the chimney for just £6.99 (and  perfect fit) at lunch the following day.  It was all meant to be!  I forgot to look for an alpine for Marianne's hair - will do that tomorrow when we go back for another lunch.

There are a couple more bits and pieces around such as the bird table, some small 'rusty' ornaments and bug boxes.  I like a bit of 'junk' around so it's not too boring in the winter.